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I am alumni from Grand Valley State University and have lived in the Goodrich area for my life so this has given me a knowledge of the area. During my time as a Laker I focused my course studies in the legal field. These courses allowed for me to gain a strong understanding of ethics and allowed me to develop strong negotiating abilities. Both of these are incredibly useful in the Real Estate world.

Many people have one big question when choosing an agent to work with in their real estate transaction: What makes you different than the thousands of other agents in our area? In answering this, I like to describe to the potential client that I am an incredibly dedicated worker. Any second of the day I am able to answer a call, text or e-mail to ensure that my clients are satisfied. It does not matter if you are buying your first home or if you are buying your dream retirement home, I am here to create a welcoming atmosphere and make this transaction go as smooth as possible.